GFT6042 I 14-bit High Speed Digitizer


GFT6042 frontpanelpng

  • Up to 4 analog channels in only 1U space
  • Up to 2GS/s sampling rate per channel
  • 14 bits vertical resolution
  • DC coupled with up to 1GHz bandwidth
  • Programmable DC offset
  • Internal and external clock reference
  • Internal and external trigger
  • Trigger output
  • Time stamp for real time operations
  • 2 GByte DRAM data memory
  • Controlled via Ethernet
  • Compact packaging: 19" W x 300 mm D x 1U H

- Datasheet


The GFT6042 is a versatile 14-bit data acquisition system designed to meet the most challenging measurement situations.

This compact digitizer can record 1 to 4 analog inputs at speeds of 0.5GS/s up to 2 GS/s per channel with 14 bits resolution.

This digitizer with selected number of channels 1, 2 or 4, a full flexible DC coupled analog front end meet the requirement of a large variety of detectors in the most advanced measurement situation.

The flexible DC coupled analog front end contains a variable gain (in option), variable bias control, over voltage protection and anti-aliasing noise suppression filter.

The GFT6042 is available in several sample rates from 0.5GS/s to 2GS/s per channel.

The digitizer is supplied with windows software application which includes a front panel graphical interface.

This software application can be used to control and explore the capabilities of the high speed digitizer.

The GFT6042 as a built in Web server that provide a remote control via a standard Web Browser.

The GFT6042 is a low profile 19", 1U rack instrument with Ethernet interface.