GFT6304 I FMC, Four Channel High Speed Digitizer


GFT6822 phot

  • 4 analog channels
  • 50 Ω input impedance
  • Up to 3.2 GS/s sampling rate per channel
  • 12 bits vertical resolution
  • DC coupled to 750 MHz analog bandwidth
  • ± 100 mV to ± 2500 mV variable full scale range
  • > 1 M samples per channel with GFT6204 carrier board
  • FMC+ form factor
  • Based on the latest generation of Texas Instrument ADC ref ADC12DJ3200

- Datasheet


The GFT6304 FMC module is the ideal digitizer for characterizing high speed signal. This compact digitizer can record four analog inputs at speed of 3.2 GS/s with 12 bits resolution.

The four flexible DC coupled analog front end contains a variable gain, variable bias control, over voltage protection and anti-aliasing filter. The settings are controlled with SPI interface via FMC+ connector.

The on-board clock is implemented with low phase noise clock and can be external via the FMC+ connector.

The GFT6304 is a standard FMC+ module according to VITA 57-4 2018 standard.

In option for lower cost channel number can be reduced to 2 channels and sample rate can be reduced to 2.7 GS/s.

Typical application: For stand-alone High Speed Digitizer application Greenfield Technology supply a carrier board (Ref: GFT6204) that provides:

  • External, channel and command trigger modes
  • 1 Mega samples par channel data memory
  • Lab software for quick and easy control of the digitizer.