7 GHz Transient Digitizer



  • 7 GHz bandwith with slow roll off
  • 50 ps rise time
  • Up to 1800 GS/s sampling rate
  • 13-bit vertical resolution
  • 2000 V maximum Input voltage without overload
  • Controlled via front panel, Internet and Ethernet
  • Fiducial Input option
  • 19″ Rack, 4U, 560 mm
  • Fiducial input for time stamping

Greenfield Technology’s FTD10000 7 GHz Fast Transient Digitizer is the industry’s fastest digitizer specifically designed to record very fast single shot pulses down to 50ps with 13-bit amplitude resolution.

It feature unique performances such as 7GHz bandwidth with slow roll off giving a very good impulse response, maximum input voltage of 2000 Volts without overload  and low noise giving a FS/N ratio > 3000 (  >70 dB).

The new revision adds new features and improve performance of the instrument. The new revision includes:

  • Improved readout camera with 1800 x 1800 pixels, 12-bit A/D and cooling system
  • Improved digitizing resolution by 78%
  • A “Very High” precision waveform processing
  • An internal web server to control the instrument and analyse the sampling results via a standard web-browser
  • Extended Ethernet speed up to 1000 Mb/s

Additional features include an input for timing fiducials and a large front panel display for easy and precise viewing.

An interface GUI allows local and remote control of all setup and digitizing features and viewing of results.

As such the FTD10000 is an excellent solution for the following applications:

  • Diagnostics for Laser research and High-Energy physics
  • Recording of fast single shot pulses
  • EMC/EMP simulators
  • High-voltage breakdowns
  • Test of high speed circuits
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

The FTD1000 is a licensed product developped under CEA (Comissariat à l’Energie Atomique) contract.