Master Oscillator Transmitter



  • Allows to synchronize up to 256 delay generators
  • Less than 15ps rms jitter
  • Distance between equipment: up to 1km
  • Ethernet interface
  • Interconnection: optical fiber

GFT3001 provides Master triggers and time base and delivers optical serial data stream over an optical network to synchronize local delay generator.

The clock reference of the GFT3001 can be external or internal. In some applications the GFT3001 can also generate a clock to synchronize others devices (Laser Oscillator …).

The GFT3001 is able to respond to an external hardware Single Shot trigger or generate an internal Single Shot trigger.

To prevent erroneous outputs, the user can stop the Single Shot with a Hardware level preset. An additional security measure is enabled if the external clock reference is lost, returning the GFT3001 to a preset frequency.

All parameters may be locally controlled over front panel and remotely controlled over Ethernet and Internet (Internal web server) interface (10 / 100 Mb/s).