Optical splitter



  • Allows to synchronize up to 16 delay generators
  • Low insertion loss
  • Interconnection: optical fiber
  • 19”, 1U compact packaging

The GFT4016 is a passive Optical Splitter designed for use in optical network. The device allows splitting one channel to 16 channels (4, 8 or 12 channels in option) with very low jitter.

Several GFT4016 can be chained (1 device at first level and up to 16 device at the second level) to provide up to 256 channels.

All the SC optical connectors are situated on the front panel. The GFT4016 is 19″, 1U rack mountable compact packaging.

Typical application is to split the optical data stream provided by the Master Oscillator in Picosecond Timing System.