1 to 4 Line 50 Ω Driver Module



  • Up to 150 MHz clock rate
  • Drive 100 feet of cable at 150 MHz
  • Four (4) synchronized 50 Ω TTL outputs
    • 1 ns typical output rise & fall time
    • Selectable polarity
    • 2 ps input to output RMS jitter
  • One input
    • selectable threshold (+1 V or 0 V  or -1 V)
    • selectable load (50 Ω or 1 kΩ pull up)
  • Active low Gate input
  • Operate from DC +5 V (External AC to DC adapter is furnished)
  • Compact module: 103 x 80 x 30 mm
  • Option: 4 individual 50 Ω TTL line drivers

The GFT614 module is specially designed for distribution of high frequency clock and high speed logic signal to multiple device via long cable.

The channel input threshold can be set to +1 V or 0 V or -1 V and the  input load can be selected from 50 Ω to 1 KΩ pull up by a front panel switch. So that the channel input can be driven directly by TTL / CMOS logic levels or open collector or negative pulse  or AC coupled signal.

All outputs with 50 Ω load can drive 100 feet of cable at clock rate greater than 150 MHz with 2.5 V amplitude. Each output polarity can be set normal or inverted

A gate input allows to disable the module by external signal.

The GFT614 is a compact module supplied with a +5V AC/DC adapter

Typical GFT614 application would be to distribute High speed signal to four devices via long cable (up to 100 feet).