4 channel 50 Ω TTL Line Driver Module



  • Up to 150 MHz clock rate
  • Drive 100 feet of cable at 150 MHz
  • Four independent inputs with:
    • Selectable threshold (+1 or  0 or  -1 V)
    • Selectable internal load ( 50 Ω or 1 kΩ pull up)
  • Four 50 Ω TTL outputs with:
    • Selectable  polarity (Normal or Inverted)
    • 1 ns typical output rise & fall time
    • 10 ps input to output RMS jitter
  • Operate from DC +5 V
  • Compact module: 115 x 80 x 30 mm

The GFT644 module is specially designed for intefacing signal and 50 Ω long cable.

The input threshold can be set to 1.5 or 0.0 or -1.5 V and the input load can be selected from 50 Ω to 1 KΩ pull up by a front panel switch. So that channel input can be driven directly by TTL / CMOS logic levels or open collector or negative pulse ( 0 to -2 V) or AC coupled signal ( +0.5 to -0.5 V)

All outputs with 50 Ω load can drive 100 feet of cable at clock rate greater than 200 MHz with 2.5 V amplitude. Each output polarity can be set normal or inverted and  is compatible with DC or AC TTL input.

The GFT644 is a compact module supplied with a +5V AC/DC adapter

Typical GFT644 application includes to distribute four independent High speed signals to four devices via long cable (up to 100 feet) with TTL level.