Sub-Nanosecond Pulse Stretcher



  • Input:
    • Amplitude: 100 mV to 1 V
    • Width > 500 ps
    • Repetitive rate: 80 MHz (40 to 100 MHz in option)
  • Two outputs:
    • Form: Sinus
    • Amplitude > 1 V typical
    • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Operates from 12 V AC/DC Adaptater

The GFT300 is the ideal module to stretch a short pulse or a low amplitude pulse to provide a pseudo sinus signal, useful for analog function or numerical function lock.

The GFT300 module delivers two signals: Signal Out and Monitoring.

The GFT300 Out signal can be used for synchronizing Greenfield Technology delay generators or Timing System. The GFT300 Monitoring output can be connected to a digitizer or oscilloscope to control the quality of the signal.

Typical GFT300 application would be to control the timing of a Picosecond Laser System. The GFT300 receives a short pulse from pick-up diode and provides an 80 MHz time base to the GFT1020 20 channels pulse and delay generator able to select pulse at up to 10 KHz (or one pulse for diagnostics).