48 Channel Digital Pattern Generator



  • 48 Pattern channels
    • 1 ns sample resolution
    • 20,000 samples per channel
    • 10 ps RMS channel to channel jitter
    • 80 ps channel to channel skew
  • Channel output
    • LVDS logical level
    • 1 ns rise & fall time
  • Trigger sources: External, Internal or Optical
  • Analog and Digital I/O
  • Controlled via front panel, Ethernet or Webpage

The GFT7048 is a 48 channel Digital Pattern Genarator that operate either as a standalone device, or as a component in a timing sytem. In a timing sytem, the GFT7048 is operated in conjunction with a GFT3001 Master Transmitter that controls and synchronizes several GFT7048 via optical fibers (For more information about timing system ask to factory)

The generator provides two trigger modes:
  • External mode from trigger input or
  • Internal mode from one frequency programmable generator.

One “T0″ channel is used as a time reference for all LVDS channel Outputs.

A global delay up to 10 µs may be used to control skew between GFT7048 in a timing system configuration (optical network compensation). A fine delay function (<50 ps resolution) on each channel pattern may be used to ajust skew between pattern channel.

Eigh (8) data pattern of 48 channels can be set and saved in the generator. Each pannel pattern is 20,000 samples of 1 ns resolution ( 20 000 µs total lengh)

Seventeen (17) Analog and Digital I/O may be used to control and monitorind some devices of your application (high voltage prower, sensor, switch…)

GFT7048 parameters can be locally controlled over the front panel keys and LCD display, and remotely controlled via Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mb/s) or Internet (web page from internal web server).

The GFT7048 is low profile 19”, 2U rack mountable instrument.

Application: This Digital Pattern Generator is well suited for FPGA or ASIC simulation or emulation, production test, digital stimulus and application where speed, resolution, channel number are critical.