Synchronized 1 to 4 GHz Clock Drivers



GFT2044 : Synchronized 1 to 4 GHz Clock Drivers

  • 4 synchronous high speed clock drivers
    • 1 to 4 GHz Clock frequency
    • Programmable phase in step of 10 fs
    • -4 dBm to 5 dBm output clock level.
    • 1 ps channel to channel jitter
  • 100 MHz reference clock input
  • Easy remote controlled from standard Internet browser (The user doesn’t need any software)
  • Compact packaging 19″ W x 330 mm D x 1U H

The GFT2044 is designed to provide clock distribution to synchronize up to for (4) A/D and D/A systems and arbitrary waveform generator.

Four synchronized onboard frequency synthesized generators allow to control the output clock up to 4 GHz. The synthesized generator is locked to an onboard 100 MHz reference clock and is used in conjunction with phase lock loop to control the programmed clock rate and phase value.
An external 100 MHz reference can also be selected.

4 GPIO lines is available for communication to external equipment.

GFT2044 parameters may be remotely controlled over Ethernet and Internet via internal web server.