16 channel Time Interval Meter



GFT2016 : 16-channel Time Interval Meter

  •  16-channel Time-Interval Meter : 1x Start and 15x Stops
    • < 10 picosecond resolution
    • < 20 picosecond RMS jitter
    • Up to 10 second range
    • Up to 1 MHz sample rate per channel
  • Common GATE input
  • Input for external 10 MHz reference
  • 4 GPIO signals for communication to external equipment
  • Controlled via Ethernet, web page, and front panel
  • 10 / 100 /1000 Mbit/s Ethernet interface
  • Compact 19”, 3U

The GFT2016 is a very precise Time Interval Meter. It has 16 channels: Channel 0 is used as the “Start” time reference for channels 1-15 being “Stops” events of the Time Interval measurement.

Each channel can measure the time of the rising edge of one electrical input, to 10 picoseconds resolution with > 10 seconds range. Time Interval samples can be automatically processed to provide Mean, Max, Min and RMS/Jitter.

The instrument uses an internal 10 MHz oscillator or an external very stable 10 MHz source.

The Instrument offers 4 GPIO (4 digital bi-directional signals) under software control for communication to external equipment. The GFT2016 is a 19″, 2U rack instrument with Ethernet interface.

The instrument as a built in Web server that provide an easy remote control via a standard Web Browser. “Control panel Web page” from embedded web server provide an easy method to :

  • Configure settings for each channel and Control operation and status of the instrument
  • View the measurements (value and graphic form)
  • Save the measurements in your computer file