Time Interval Meter



  • Two Channels (Start, Stop)
  • 1 ps one-shot time resolution
  • <10 ps RMS time interval jitter
  • ± 1 second time interval range
  • Input for 10 MHz external reference
  • 19’’, 1U compact rack
  • Front panel and Ethernet interface

The GFT2002 is very precise time interval analyzer with low jitter. It has two inputs: one Start and one Stop. Reading data represent the time interval between one start and one stop.

Trigger level and slope are adjustable on each input. The module uses a linear interpolation technique and an internal calibration to obtain very high accuracy.

The module uses an internal 10 MHz very stable oscillator or an external 10 MHz reference.

All parameters may be locally controlled over front panel keys and LCD display and remotely controlled over Ethernet and Internet (Internal web server) interface (10 / 100 Mb/s). From the Internal web server the user can open a web page to control the device via Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.This web page provides a simple method to:

  • Configure settings for each channel (START, STOP),
  • Read results
  • Read status of the instrument

Main applications are:

  • Components Test
  • Jitter Analyzer for Telecom
  • Lab / R&D characterizations
  • Measure jitter and skew
  • Real Time, Time stamping
  • Variation in Pulse Timing