GFT7031 | 2.5 GS/s Optical Waveform Generator

GFT7031 photo


  • Generate optical arbitrary waveform
  • Vertical resolution: 11 bits
  • Rise & fall time: 300 ps
  • Jitter: <30 ps RMS (from external trigger)
  • Optical wavelength:  1.06 µm (other wavelengh upon request) 
  • Plug and play control via web page (without DLL and without specific software)

- Datasheet



The GFT7031 is a PC controlled Optical Waveform Generator. It allows to provide temporally shape optical laser pulses with up to 2.5 GS/s resolution.

This generator is well suited for laser facilities requiring shape flexibility and non-linearity compensation (gain saturation, etc.)

There are three trigger modes for generating optical waveform.

  • External: One input is used to trigger Waveform Generator with low jitter. Rate can be repetitive or single.
  • Internal: Trigger to Waveform Generator is from frequency programmable generator. Rate is repetitive.
  • Soft trigger from command

All the settings are controlled via Ethernet network. A powerful control panel Web page, from embedded server, provides a simple method to configure settings, download the waveform data and control the state of the instrument.